Burn OS Image

The UNIHIKER comes with a Linux operating system based on Debian and various built-in features, which will be upgraded from time to time.

When you need to update your UNIHIKER system to the latest version or to restore a malfunctioning system, you can refer to this article to flash a new OS.

1- File Backup

  • After re-flashing the OS image, all files in the UNIHIKER, including the root directory, will be cleared and cannot be restored. Therefore, it is recommended to back up the necessary files before the firmware flashing process.
  • You can use the SMB function to copy personal files (excluding hidden files) in the root directory to your computer, and then copy them back after the OS is refreshed.

2- Tool Preparation

1. Burning tool

You can update the system image for UNIHIKER using the command-line tool or use our developed UNIHIKER Batch Tool with a GUI interface.

1.1 Command-line Tool

Instructions for using the command-line tool: Click to view.

1.2 Batch Tool

Note: The burning tool has been upgraded to a batch burning tool, which can burn system images to 10 UNIHIKER boards at the same time. Currently, only the Windows version is available.
Note2: For linux or mac platform, please use command-line tool.

Windows version (no installation required, just extract and run):

Download channel Windows Mac Linux
Download: Click to download Using the Command-line Tool Using theCommand-line Tool
Download from Google Drive: Click to download / /

2.OS Image

Download the OS img image file that needs to be flashed. After downloading and extracting it, you will get an img format image file.

Download V0.3.5 System Image
Name: unihiker_v0.3.5.md5.9acbf38210ef954d5e9a0c1389830732.img

Download channel
Download: Click to download
Download from Google Drive: Click to download

OS V0.3.5 ReleaseLogs:

  • Added language switching function in Home menu, supports Chinese and English
  • The demo folder is added in the switching running program, which contains 7 demo programs
  • Add the mindplus folder in the switching program, so that it is convenient to quickly run the program transferred from Mind+
  • Added automatic reconnection after USB disconnection, improving the stability of USB connection
  • Increase the function of recording hotspot switch status
  • Increase the screen brightness adjustment command (brightness)
  • The calibration page adds Chinese and English bilingual prompts
  • fix apt upgrade error
  • Update three built-in dedicated libraries (siot, pinpong, unihiker) to the latest version
  • Add a batch of built-in libraries:
    • webssh
    • opencv_contrib_python
    • dominate
    • lsusb

3- Operation Steps

3.1- Load OS file

  • Open the UNIHIKER Batch Tool UNIHIKERBatchTool.exe, Click on the Load button and select the system image (img) file. The file path will be displayed below.

Note: The V2.3 image burning tool has added a file verification function. After loading the system file, the md5 verification will be performed on the file, which takes a certain amount of time (usually between half a minute and 5 minutes according to the performance of the computer). The md5 value after the file name is taken. If it is inconsistent, it will prompt that the image is damaged.

3.2- Enter firmware flashing mode

  • Disconnect the UNIHIKER board from the power source (the memory card also needs to be removed)

  • Press and hold the Home button on the board , and connect the board to your computer via USB cable. Then the board will enter the firmware flashing mode and display a white screen. The software should recognize the board as a new device.

  • Release the Home button now. If you need to flash multiple boards at the same time, repeat the steps above.

3.3- Start burning

  • After the UNIHIKER board to be flashed is recognized, click on Burn to start flashing the firmware. If it is the first time connecting, the driver will be installed first.

Note: During the burning process, check the output information in the lower window. If it gets stuck in a certain step and the Burning Progress does not move for more than 5 minutes, please refer to the troubleshooting section at the end of this page for solutions.

3.4- Burning Completed

  • Wait for the progress to reach 100. If there are multiple boards, you need to wait for all of them to reach 100 or prompt an error.

3.5- Install System

  • Click Install to install the system, The burning software will control all UNIHIKER boards to restart and install the system.
  • The system will be automatically installed on the UNIHIKER board, and it will restart several times during the process, which takes about one minute. Finally, it will stay on the language selection screen.
  • Please do not operate or power off during this process. If an operation is performed by mistake, please re-flash the system.

3.6- Initial Setup

  • 1.on the language selection screen. You will need to use the AB buttons to move the cursor up and down, and the Home button to confirm your selection. After this, the Unihiker will reboot.

If you make a wrong selection, you can reselect your language from the Home Menu.

  • 2.When language selection is complete, the UNIHIKER logo will appear. Press the HOME button to enter the HOME menu. Use the A and B buttons to move the cursor up and down, and use the HOME button to confirm. Enter to check the system information, and check whether the system version is the version of the system image that was just installed, if so, it means the system image has been successfully burned.

  • 3.After flashing the system, the touch screen needs to be re-calibrated before use. Select Calibrate touch screen in the HOME menu, and the screen will display five touch points in sequence. Click on each touch point, and the system will restart to complete the calibration.


Q If the device to be burned is not displayed, what should I do?
A First, make sure your computer can access the UNIHIKER board correctly. When the board is powered on normally and displays the logo on the screen, you should be able to access the board's webpage menu by entering in your web browser.
Then, make sure to follow the steps for burning the system image carefully. It's important to turn off the board and disconnect it from power first, then press and hold the Home button before connecting the USB cable to the PC to let the board enter system image burning mode.
Q The system burning is complete and the progress reaches 100%, but the UNIHIKER still cannot boot up after one minute.
A Maybe the system file is not fully downloaded. You can try to downloading the file from a different source.
Q What should I do if I get stuck at the "Starting" or "Installing Driver" step for more than 5 minutes?
A Restart the burning tool and try burning again. If it still exists, power off the board and re-enter the burning mode, then restart the burning tool to burn. or try using the Command-line Tool
Q How can I create a full image backup for the UNIHIKER?
A click

If you encounter any issues that cannot be solved during use, please feel free to contact us through either of the methods listed below:

  1. Join our UNIHIKER channel by the link https://discord.gg/rvvfNCvBKv.
  2. Send emails to our mailbox: unihiker@dfrobot.com