1 - Introduction to the unihiker Library

In order to facilitate the utilization of the UNIHIKER main controllers, we have developed a Python library called "unihiker" This library integrates functionalities that are either missing or inconvenient to use from third-party Python libraries required by UNIHIKER

  • In order to facilitate screen display and control, we have encapsulated a GUI class in the unihiker library, based on the tkinter library.
  • To facilitate the use of microphone and USB speakers, we have encapsulated an Audio class in the unihiker library.

2 - Installing the unihiker Library

The unihiker library can be installed and updated using the pip tool.


pip install unihiker


pip install -U unihiker


3 - Importing the GUI Class

To import the GUI class, use the following statement:

from unihiker import GUI   # Import the package
gui = GUI()                # Instantiate the GUI class

11 - FAQ

Q Error: TypeError: xxx() takes x positionaxl argument but x were given
A To resolve this error, you need to make sure that the number of arguments passed to the function matches the expected number of positional arguments. Check the function definition and verify that you are providing the correct number of arguments in the correct order when calling the function. Also, ensure that the data types of the arguments match the expected types. For example, if you have an error like gui.add_button(0,10,20,20,"button"), you need to modify it to gui.add_button(x=0, y=10, w=20, h=20, text="button") by explicitly specifying the parameter names. This helps ensure that the arguments are passed to the correct parameters in the function definition.